Eat, sleep, WorkAway​

Can you live in the jungle? Can you live with the jungle? On Martinique, we wild camped and hiked to where the road ends. In Dominica, we drank from the river, peed in the bush and ate the crops grown on the spot. The jungle of the Caribbean Islands sticks to us.    Emma and … Continue reading Eat, sleep, WorkAway​


Stuck in paradise

We are spoiled. For over a month, we have been travelling the Caribbean islands of Saint Lucia and Martinique and we only think about how to get away. Mid December Testarossa landed on Saint Lucia. Right away, we started the search for a new boat to hop onto. We had set our hopes on the … Continue reading Stuck in paradise

Eurovelo 1 Portugal variations: cycling inland on a budget

On the Eurovelo 1, you better keep the sun in your face and the wind in your back. On your right, the Atlantic Ocean will keep on rolling its turquoise waves. On your left, the inland is calling. Cycle south in summer, the northern wind will propel you forward.     Portugal Eurovelo 1’s road … Continue reading Eurovelo 1 Portugal variations: cycling inland on a budget

Two city kids on the countryside

“There you can see Mars, Venus and Altaïr,” Yves pointed out. We realised we hadn’t watched the stars in a long time. Actually, we couldn’t see them until then. We’re city kids, cycling through the countryside. The ‘Oude wegen’ route takes us through tiny, deserted villages and past vast hilly pastures. Somewhere along the way … Continue reading Two city kids on the countryside